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DC Apparel offers custom yard signs, lawn sign, yard stakes and holders. This is a great and affordable way to advertise your business. If you are in the need of a lawn sign, a real estate yard sign, a political yard sign or a campaign yard sign we are your premiere choice. Our lawn sign products are made using corrugated plastic (also referred to as coroplast), polyboard and poly bag, making them durable enough for use as outdoor signs and much stronger than cheap and discount yard signs that are made from materials like uncoated cardboard and poster board. The custom nature of our products also makes it easy for you to get a yard sign that is personalized to fit your needs. Whether it’s for selling your house, creating a welcome sign for your home and garden, or just decorating you yard. Why settle for that sign that doesn’t get noticed when you can get a custom yard sign that is affordable and durable. DC Apparel is your source for custom yard signs!