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You may have noticed black symbols showing up on billboards and other marketing materials in recent months. These 2-D barcodes are known as QR codes (Quick Response codes) and are gaining in popularity thanks to recent explosion of smartphones among consumers. QR codes usage is still relatively new in the U.S. but now is the perfect time for companies to get on the trend. It will help attract new customers and establish your growing company as cutting edge. Be the first in your area to take advantage of this new technology. I think QR codes are the most creative and genius invention of this decade. The technology is simple to use for company and requires no special hardware. Ones you have your QR code, put it on just about anything. So why overload a business card with all your contact info you could include the bare minimum for reaching you, then create a QR code that leads people to your website, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Linkini. Let DC Apparel put your business into the future with your own custom QR code.